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Professional Negligence

People seek out lawyers, real estate agents and other professionals because of their expertise. If these types of professionals do act negligently and do not fulfill their responsibilities to their clients, the costs are often high and they must be held accountable for their actions. Similarly, those facing accusations of professional negligence must act quickly to protect their reputation and livelihood.

No matter what end of a professional negligence claim you find yourself on, it is crucial to seek out counsel about your legal rights and options. Our knowledgeable British Columbia professional negligence lawyer at MacAdams Law Firm can help. Not only are we dedicated to providing results-oriented representation, we are here to protect you during times of confusion and anger by presenting quality legal advice that is clear and comprehensive.

To discuss your situation during a confidential consultation, we encourage you to contact our Abbotsford office today.

Since 1988, our legal team has helped real estate agents, lawyers and other professionals who have been accused of:

  • Breaching a standard of care known throughout that specific professional industry
  • Administering bad advice that results in a conflict, unethical behaviour or other costly problem
  • Failing to complete work, file a lawsuit or comply within the prescribed statutory limitation period
  • Failure to warn about potential problems or necessary measures someone should take to be deemed compliant with current law
  • Completing work without exercising due diligence
  • Breaching a fiduciary duty by putting one's interest above that of the client who has retained them
  • Billing or commission irregularities

We also help mortgage brokers, doctors, chartered accountants, certified general accountants, insurance agents, architects, contractors and other professionals. We can help defend challenges to your license in court as well as before licensing review boards in hearings and appeals.

If you employed any of these professionals and one of these breaches has occurred, we can help you identify how the negligence occurred and gather relevant evidence to support your claim. We will advise you what the potential damages are, what legal remedies are available and how to pursue them to accomplish your goals. Long before we ever enter a courtroom, appear at an administrative hearing, engage in dispute resolution or sit down at the negotiation table, we will have identified the key legal issues together, investigated the facts and laid the groundwork for a successful case.

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