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 Family-Owned Business Disputes

A family-owned business dispute can not only threaten the livelihood of a business, but it can also shred important family bonds. If you are embroiled in this type of situation, it is critical to work with a business dispute lawyer in British Columbia who places equal importance on preserving both types of relationships.

At MacAdams Law Firm, we work hard to find creative and amicable solutions for the most sensitive situations, including helping resolve family-owned business disputes that occur internally or with external parties. Contact us today to speak and work with a team that is dedicated to providing attentive, personalized service that achieves your goals in an effective manner.

We can help you work through and resolve issues such as:

  • How much control different family members have in business decisions
  • If an ownership dispute occurs because of the death or incapacity of a family member
  • Internal disputes about whom to conduct business with
  • Conflicts concerning when to sell a business to a third party or sell more shares to another family member to give him or her more control
  • Internal struggles erupting about the direction of the business such as expansion

The health and success of a business being predicated on how well the family gets along can sometimes be a precarious situation, but we work quickly to help end conflicts as soon as they arise. We understand that making business decisions where different members of your family are involved and have a say can trigger sensitive issues concerning power, favouritism and personal finances.

We can help mediate a situation with an eye towards helping each family member recognize the importance of the family unit as critical to the profitability of the company. If that does not work, we will aggressively negotiate or litigate on your behalf, but we will still work hard to preserve vital family relationships for the future outside the business venture.

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