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Wrongful Dismissal Of Employees


British Columbia law sets guidelines regarding how an employer can terminate an employee, the length of notice it must provide the employee and the severance it must pay. When an employer fails to comply with these provisions, you can seek damages for a wrongful dismissal of an employee claim.

MacAdams Law Firm provides sound advice and results-oriented representation in cases alleging wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal of non-unionized employees. Our lawyer and legal team are knowledgeable in the law, experienced in employment litigation and determined to achieve our clients' goals.

British Columbia Wrongful Termination Lawyers

MacAdams Law Firm represents employers and employees throughout Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We handle wrongful dismissal of employee claims for both sides of lawsuit, which gives us the ability to anticipate strategy that can help guide successful negotiation and litigation tactics.

For Employees

We can advise you of your rights should you be dismissed or if it appears you might be dismissed. If you have been offered a severance package, our lawyer can review it to see if it is appropriate and complies with the law. If we determine that your employer has not provided reasonable notice or it has violated other provisions of the law, we can conduct assertive negotiations, or if necessary, litigation on your behalf.

Damages in a wrongful dismissal case can include salary and benefits for the reasonable notice period, and any bonus or incentive pay you would have been entitled to receive. In cases involving extreme behaviour on the part of the employer, the employee may be able to obtain compensation for losses suffered as the result of mental distress, defamation, abusive treatment, discrimination and other behaviour.

Constructive Dismissal

Sometimes, an employer will push aside an employee while keeping him or her on the payroll. If the employer changes the major terms of the employment relationship, such as pay, duties or status, the employee may have the right to claim damages based on constructive dismissal. MacAdams Law Firm provides advice and representation to employees and employers in constructive dismissal cases.

For Employers

Our firm's work focuses on helping employers avoid costly wrongful dismissal suits. Should a workforce reduction be necessary, we can advise you how you can comply with the law regarding notice and severance pay. We can also provide advice concerning the dismissal of individual employees and how to properly document just cause.

When employment litigation cannot be avoided, we will provide vigorous representation.

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