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Employment Litigation

MacAdams Law Firm assists employers and employees throughout British Columbia when trouble arises in employment relationships.

While we have extensive litigation experience, our firm is focused on solutions. Our law firm will work diligently to achieve a positive resolution to your problem through assertive negotiation, alternative dispute resolution methods, or if necessary through litigation.

Have You Been Unfairly Or Improperly Discharged?

Getting fired or pushed aside can be devastating at any stage of an employee's career. It is especially difficult for the older worker who must now compete with younger workers in a tough job market.

At MacAdams Law Firm, our employment litigation lawyer is experienced in cases involving wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal and other employment law issues. We are strong advocates for employees who have been terminated in violation of British Columbia employment laws that may have lead to a wrongful termination. If you were unfairly discharged, you were not given proper notice prior to being terminated or did not receive the severance pay you are entitled to, MacAdams Law Firm is here to help you.

When we represent you, we will seek full damages for your losses. MacAdams Law Firm can also review a proposed severance agreement or provide advice in cases involving constructive dismissal.

Advising And Representing Employers

MacAdams Law Firm provides advice and services to employers designed to resolve employment problems in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can help you deal with a problem employee using employee discipline in a way that complies with British Columbia employment laws. Our lawyer can also advise you regarding the best way to undertake a workforce reduction.

We can review an employment contract, competition agreements or severance agreement and provide advice regarding other employment law issues that will help protect your business, your reputation and profitability. MacAdams Law Firm is committed to helping executives, managers and human resources professionals create and foster productive workplaces.

Contact A British Columbia Employment Dispute Lawyer

To learn more about our capabilities or to discuss a particular employment law issue, contact MacAdams Law Firm today by calling 604-850-1675 or toll free 1-877-269-1274