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Employee Discipline

When employers and employees throughout the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and interior regions of British Columbia have questions about whether employee discipline has been exercised correctly, they can turn to MacAdams Law Firm for clear answers and guidance. Our lawyer and legal team are committed to providing clarity about the law and how to use it effectively. Whether this means providing proactive counsel to prevent problems or helping you resolve a dispute through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation, we committed to helping you achieve a fair and reasonable resolution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Protecting Employees

Are you an employee who believes you were disciplined improperly? Do you notice that some co-workers are treated differently and not disciplined for the same things you are? Do you have questions about if your employer is in compliance with company policy and current British Columbia employment law? Our legal team can evaluate any employee manual or contract as well as incident to see if you have been subject to illegal or unethical employee discipline. We know how to evaluate whether disciplinary action was justified or whether you have suffered a wrong where damages have resulted. We can help you evaluate your options and take action such as putting your employer on notice and pursuing compensation for the harm you have suffered, including wrongful termination.

Assisting Employers

Are you an employer and want to ensure your policies conform to current law? Are your employment standards being violated by an employee and you want to know your legal options? We can help you deal with an employee who is causing problem using employee discipline in a way that complies with British Columbia employment laws and your company employment policies.

Detailed Employment Law Preparation And Advocacy

When we build a case we take the time to learn about who you are, the whole story and your goals. We take a detailed approach to identifying the key legal issues, investigating all the facts and circumstances, and developing a strong strategy. We believe this is the key to successful negotiation and achieving a fair outcome in and out of the courtroom that protects your reputation and interests.

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