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Sale Of Land Disputes

Any type of real estate transaction, especially the purchase or sale of land is a costly investment. When a problem arises, this can easily lead to additional expenditures, not to mention delays and stress.

At MacAdams Law Firm, we handle sale of land disputes occurring throughout British Columbia in the most efficient manner possible. We know what is at stake. Since 1988, we have been committed to providing sound advice and representation to individuals, businesses and developers in all types of issues relating to real estate, including residential, commercial, recreation and development properties.

To speak with our experienced legal team about your situation, contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office.

Efficiently Handling All Types Of Real Estate Issues

Our lawyer has experience effectively resolving all kinds of commercial and residential real estate disputes, including:

  • Inspection issues
  • Title problems
  • Zoning and variance problems
  • Financing problems
  • Mortgage enforcement and priority disputes
  • Disputes related to commissions, brokers and agents
  • Property line disputes
  • Claims related to inconsistencies in statutory building schemes
  • Land use conflicts

We also help settle commercial tenancy conflicts and lease problems. Our first priority is to prevent these issues from occurring by helping to oversee the transaction. However, many people come to us once a problem arises. When this happens, we are quick to take action. We will look over all the details of the contract and circumstances that led to the dispute.

We will then assess what claims for damages, specific performance and recovery of deposits in relation to the purchase and sale agreement are relevant to your cause of action. We will help you pursue all relevant avenues to rectify the situation and collect compensation for damages. Our goal is always to make you whole whether through strategic negotiation, or litigation, when necessary.

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